Event insurance costs reduced with active security on-site

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Hiring a security company for businesses, entertainment venues, and sporting events could also prove to be cost-effective and/or profitable. Security services provided will prevent loss of inventory, property, money, and/or eliminate expensive equipment damage occurrences. Lower rates for business and … Read More

Active security in the workplace

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According to reference.com, “Security in the workplace ensures the safety of employees, client files, assets and confidential documents.” Hiring security for business serves as a method of crime prevention, as the officer’s presence serves as a deterrent to those who … Read More

Neighborhood crimes reduced with security patrols

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In a study, conducted in Dallas, neighborhood crimes were found to be reduced with the presence of security. Burglaries decreased 33% in neighborhoods with security Patrols. Robberies decreased 24% due to a consistent security officer presence. Theft also decreased 9%. … Read More